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The Florida Masonic Webmasters Mailing List has been created to provide a directory of all Florida Masonic Websites and their Webmasters. The goal is to provide a way for Webmasters to communicate with each other, to assist them in spreading news of Freemasonry throughout the state, and to provide a way for us to help each other in developing our Websites.

This mailing list is private. Subscribers will be verified as qualified Florida Masonic Webmasters before their subscription is accepted. A qualified Florida Masonic Website is any Florida Website that hosts Masonic information that would be acceptable to the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Florida 

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While no oath will be taken, it is assumed that subscribers to this list will not publish any part of the material available here in any other forum or to non-subscribers. There will be no secret information here, we just want Webmasters to feel free to communicate details about their Websites, without fear of it being copied or forwarded to people outside of this list

Of course, there is one exception to the above statement, we hope this directory is the one place where Webmasters can all get up-to-date information about existing and new Masonic Websites and their current URLs. Many of us like to link to various Websites, and we hope this is one place where we can all can get and publish the current and correct information about Florida Masonic Websites. As this is a discussion list, each of us can let the rest know when we find new or changed Websites. It is up to each of us to try to let every Florida Masonic Webmaster know about this list, one of the greatest challenges all Webmasters face is getting their Website known. This list should be a great way to make sure your Website is known to every other Florida Masonic Website.

Subscribers will have access to Webletter archives, email addresses and demographics of subscribers. As this is a discussion list, all subscribers will be able to send and receive messages to the entire list.

If you have any suggestions or comments that would be helpful in improving this mailing list, please email the Hostmaster.

If you have an appropriate Website, we would appreciate it if you would consider placing this image and link on your Website to help us find Florida Masonic Webmasters.


Last update: November 24, 2006

Webmaster and Hostmaster: Gary Schweinshaupt
Sarasota Lodge #147
Sahib Shriners
Email: Webmaster
Mail: P.O. Box 455
Tallevast, FL 34270-0455